Safe Deep Mining: Students



This programme is specifically directed at:

  • mining engineers
  • governmental organisations responsible for supervision of mining activities
  • public authorities
  • consulting companies in the field of mining, having to deal with rock pressure problems
  • personnel employed in the mining industry
  • geologists


At the end of this programme the successful participant is able to:

  • identify existing and likely future rock pressure problems.
  • analyse the problems in terms of the nature of the problem and suitable solutions.
  • develop solutions to eliminate or recognise the rock pressure problem.
  • train mining personnel to recognise hazardous rock fall situations and to take the appropriate support measures.
  • select the correct support method and design of support system, or where required, develop and introduce new support systems.
  • evaluate mine design from a rock pressure point of view and, where or when necessary, modify or replace it with more appropriate designs.
  • evaluate the mining method from the rock pressure point of view and modify or change it where necessary.
  • examine the mining sequence and change it where necessary.
  • assist in the implementation of the proposed solution to the rock pressure problem.
  • design and implement appropriate instrumentation- and monitoring systems.
  • determine and quantify the nature and magnitude of the rock pressure problem.
  • monitor the effectiveness of measures adopted to eliminate or minimise the rock pressure problem.
  • review the rock pressure situation on an on-going basis.