Safe Deep Mining: Students



The application for the Rock Engieering for Deep Mines programme is a two-step process: first the “Rock Engineering for Deep Mines” applicants have to submit the necessary application documents. The documents are checked for their completeness and the committee reviews all received applications. Afterwards the pre-selected candidates will be invited for a short skype/phone interview in which their background, skills and knowledge, motivation and English proficiency is evaluated.
If the application is granted and the committee gives a positive advice, the applicant will be invited to register at Montanuniversitaet Leoben and can start the Rock Engineering for Deep Mines programme.

Rock Engineering for Deep Mines Application Process:

Safe Deep Mining: Application Process


  1. CV (use attached template)

  2. Motivation Letter (description of the specific motives for the application for the Rock Engineering for Deep Mines programme. One page maximum.)

  3. SDM Confirmation of Participation REV.

  4. Description of one particular rock mechanical situation that is related to recent problems encountered in the mine.

We ask you to consider the following points:

– What is the problem?

– Where does it occur?

– When did it occur for the first time?

– How often has it been encountered so far?

– How does the mine layout/plan look like in the area of concern?

– Describe the geological situation (rock formations, rock and rock mass quality, primary stress situation, depth)
in the area of concern.

– Which mining activities took place near the area of concern?

– How did you address the rock mechanics problem?

– Which measure have you taken?

– How successful were the measures?

Use drawings and illustrations in your description.



Please submit the complete application documents to:

Birgit Knoll and Elisabeth Felser



There is also the possibility to take part at singular modules of the program. The fee for a singular module is € 1.800/participant (The costs for accommodation and meals have to be paid by the participant.).