Impressions of the visit of the „Himmelfahrt Fundgrube“ during Modul V in Freiberg

The „Himmelfahrt Fundgrube“ is a former ore mine in Freiberg. It is has been part of the „Ore Mountains Montanregion UNESCO World Heritage Site“ since 2019. The „Himmelfahrt    Fundgrube“ with its “Reiche Zeche” and “Alte Elisabeth” shaft systems is used by the TU Bergakademie Freiberg as a teaching and research mine.








   Welcome to the Rock Engineering for Deep Mines Programme

The continuing education programme “Rock Engineering for Deep Mines” addresses the shortage of rock engineering personnel in the European mining industry. The emphasis of the education programme is on the application of rock engineering principles in the mining industry in order to make deep mining operations safer and more efficient. It provides the participants with the basic knowledge and skills required to address and solve practical rock engineering problems.

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